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Surviving my Mother

In her last moment on Earth, Clara’s mother tells her that « she wants to get to know her ». This revelation shocks Clara: how could her mother, a woman who’s needs she has placed before those of her daughter Bianca’s and her husband Ricardo’s, not know her? Clara swears to herself that she will not do to her daughter what her mother did to her: she will make it her life’s work to get to really know her 21 year old daughter Bianca. As Clara delves deeper and deeper into Bianca’s life to get to the truth the results are more shocking than she expected. Will Clara be able to deal with the truth about her daughter? Surviving my Mother is a comedic drama about the complex relationship between mothers and daughters, from the creators of the smash-hit 2003 movie “Mambo Italiano”, screenwriter Steve Galluccio and director Emile Gaudreault.


95 min


  • Feature Film


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  • Director

    Émile Gaudreault

  • Screenwriter

    Steve Galluccio

  • Story

    Steve Galluccio

    Émile Gaudreault

  • Director of photography

    Pierre Mignot

  • Art director

    Patricia Christie