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Personal information protection notice

Effective: September 22, 2023

Zone3 treats any personal information collected whether through this website or otherwise in the course of business in accordance with the Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector (the “law”). The purpose of this notice is to provide a clear understanding of how information is collected, used, and communicated, and to complement our Privacy Policy.

1. 1. What is personal information?

It’s any information which related to an individual and directly or indirectly allows that individual to be identified, that is protected by law.

2. 2. What personal information does Zone3 collect?

Zone3 collects only the personal information necessary for the purposes of its audiovisual production and distribution activities, including information relating to identity, demographic information, professional and financial information, as well as information collected online, on its networks, on its devices, or on its premises.

3. Why does Zone3 collect personal information?

Zone3 uses personal information for the following purposes in particular:

  • For managing employment or service provider relationships (including payroll and other remuneration)
  • For producing or marketing its audiovisual productions
  • For administrating internal affairs, for accounting, tax audits, and verifications, for compiling statistics, and for grant and funding applications
  • For making background and reference checks
  • For complying with legal and regulatory obligations, for meeting security requirements, and for managing fraud

Zone3 may also collect personal information for other purposes with consent if required by law. In cases where consent is not given or withdrawn, Zone3 may not be able to offer certain services or meet certain needs.

4. Who will Zone3 disclose personal information to?

Zone3 may disclose personal information to its auditors and other advisors, to tax or governmental authorities, to broadcasters, distributors, or other financial partners, and to certain service providers, and to other third parties in connection with its audiovisual production, co-production or exhibition activities, when necessary for the purposes mentioned in section 3, including when such providers or third parties are located outside Quebec.

5. How does Zone3 store personal information?

Zone3 keeps personal information only as long as necessary for the purposes it was collected for, or as permitted, or required by applicable law.


Personal information is generally stored in Quebec. It is possible, however, that the communication of personal information to certain suppliers (especially suppliers of technological solutions) may result in the transfer of that information outside Quebec. In such cases, Zone3 first validates the privacy laws and practices applicable in the relevant jurisdiction to ensure that personal information is adequately protected.

Zone3 takes all appropriate measures and controls to protect personal information, including when it is destroyed.

6. How to access and verify personal information?

You can request access to your personal information and request that it be corrected if it is inaccurate or incomplete, subject to various exceptions provided by law, all within a reasonable time period.

To do this, please send your request to the privacy officer at the email in section 7.

7. How to contact the Zone3 privacy officer?

If you have any questions or concerns about privacy and the role Zone3 plays in protecting personal information, please contact Zone3 privacy officer Geneviève L’Écuyer at vieprivee@zone3.ca.  

For more details about Zone3 privacy practices, you can request a copy of Zone3 Privacy Policy at the above email.

Zone3 Privacy Policy may be modified and updated from time to time.