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Shooting Star

Become an instant SUPERSTAR!!!! One of four young women can become a star thanks to the reality show which promises to transform a complete unknown into a singing sensation. Their every move is filmed during 24 hours as the viewers decide who will succeed. From touching family scenes to over-the-top adventures, and not forgetting the glamour that goes with gala events, each contestant will have to prove herself – often in the most surprising ways…


95 min


  • Feature Film


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  • Director

    Yves Desgagnés

  • Screenwriters

    Émile Gaudreault

    Martin Forget

    Daniel Thibault

    Benoît Pelletier

  • Director of photography

    Éric Cayla

  • Art directeor

    Patricia Christie

  • Costumes

    Francesca Chamberland

  • Hair

    Réjean Forget

  • Make-up

    Pierre Saindon

  • Editor

    Yvann Thibaudeau

  • Sound

    Yvon Benoît

    Marie-Claude Gagné

    Michel Descombes

    Réjean Juteau

  • Music

    Catherine Gadouas

  • Theme song

    Antoine Sicotte

  • Associate producer

    Émile Gaudreault