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Little Lili

Loosely based on the work of Anton Chekhov, The Seagull, Little Lili tells the story of Julien, a budding filmmaker, and the people in his life. Lili, the young woman he loves, runs away with Brice, his mother’s lover. Julien’s relationship with his mother is further complicated by the fact that she is an actress. Mix-ups, meetings, deceptions – and time itself – all serve to nurture Julien’s first major work, which stars Lili, Mado and Brice. As Little Lili reveals, the act of creation is possible only after one has first exorcised one’s demons…


  • Ludivine Sagnier
  • Robinson Stevenin
  • Nicole Garcia
  • Bernard Gireaudeau
  • Jean-Pierre Marielle
  • Julie Depardieu
  • Anne Le Ny
  • Yves Jacques
  • Marc Betton
  • Michel Piccoli
  • Maylie Del Piero
  • Mathieu Grondin
  • Louise Boisvert
  • Mustapha Chadli
  • Fani Kolarova
  • Mehdi El Glaoui
  • Julie Glenn


104 min


  • Feature Film


Afficher les détails
  • Associate producers

    Christine Gozlan

  • Executive producers

    Sylvestre Guarino

  • Production manager

    Samuel Amar

  • Director

    Claude Miller

  • 1st assistant director

    Denis Bergonhe

  • Screenwriters

    Claude Miller

    Julien Boivent

  • Claude miller, julien boivent

    Gérard de Battista

  • Director of photography

    Gérard de Battista

    Nathan Miller

  • Camera operators

    Jean-Pierre Kohut-Svelko

  • Art director

    Claude La Haye

    Hans Peter Strobl

    Bernard Gariépy-Strobl

  • Sound editing

    Véronique Lange