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The Widow of Saint-Pierre

1850 - Saint-Pierre, one night a man is savagely assassinated. The guilty man, Heel Auguste, is subsequently condemned to death. But in Saint-Pierre there is neither guillotine nor executioner. A guillotine must be brought from France. In the meantime, Neel is placed under custody with the Captain and awaits his execution with humility. The Captain’s wife, Madame La, is particularly interested in Neel’s fate, in who she sees goodness and simplicity. She cannot resign herself to accept that a man can really be bad and hopes for his rehabilitation at all costs. Little by little, with the help of his benefactress, and contrary to the judgment of the town’s leading citizens, the condemned man becomes indispensable and the most popular man on the island. But when the guillotine arrives by boat, justice must be done. Madame La will do her utmost to stop Neel’s execution. Undying love for his wife will incite the Captain to oppose the Establishment and thus lead, inevitably, to his destiny.


112 min


  • Feature Film


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  • Director

    Patrice Leconte

  • Assistant director

    Claude Faraldo

  • Screenwriter

    Patrice Leconte

  • Adaptation

    Eduardo Serra

  • Director of photography

    Ivan Maussion

  • Art director

    Joëlle Hache

  • Editor

    Christian Gase

  • Costumes

    Grégoire Barachin

  • Sound

    Paul Lainé

    Claude Hazanavicius

  • Sound editing

    Jean Goudier

  • Mix

    Dominique Hennequin

  • Music

    Pascal Estève

  • Production managers

    Frédéric Blum

    Nicole Hilaréguy

    Emmanuel Legrand