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Laura's Back

Laura Cadieux receives the gift of her dreams for her 50th birthday. Her girlfriends have given Laura a pair of tickets for Le Fleuve Saint-Laurent - a plush cruise ship that tours the beautiful St. Lawrence River. It seems like Laura is set for smooth romantic sailing, until her husband has to cancel out at the last minute. When hubby abandons ship, Laura’s boisterous gal-pals decide to hit the high seas and take the cruise altogether. Madame Therrien arrives at the wrong pier and mistakenly ends up on a Russian cargo ship. Frustrated by the mishap and obvious linguistic barriers, Madame Therrien passes the time by introducing the sailors to the finer things in life, like Quebecois cuisine and hockey legend Maurice Richard! Will Madame Therrien ever join her friends? Will Laura run away with the charming ship’s captain? Joint the Cadieux gang as they seek out romance and comic adventure «Love Boat» style!


  • Ginette Reno
  • Pierrette Robitaille
  • Denise Dubois
  • Pauline Lapointe
  • Danièle Lorain
  • Dominique Michel
  • Adèle Reinhardt
  • Mireille Thibault
  • Sonia Vachon
  • Jean-Guy Bouchard
  • Raymond Bouchard
  • Gregory Charles
  • Tony Conte
  • Martin Drainville
  • Michel Dumont
  • Gregory Hlady
  • Samuel Landry
  • Vitali Makarov
  • Jean Marchand
  • Donald Pilon
  • Michèle Tisseyre


98 min


  • Feature Film


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  • Director

    Denise Filiatrault

  • Screenwriter

    Denise Filiatrault

  • Director of photography

    Daniel Jobin

  • Art director

    Raymond Dupuis