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The Confessionnal

After a long stay in China, Pierre Lamontagne returns to his native Quebec city for his father’s funeral, and reunites with his marginal adoptive brother, Marc. Together, they search for Marc’s unknown father, and their journey leads them to investigate Quebec city in the 1950’s... around the obscure set of Alfred Hitchcock’s I Confess. The investigation guides the two brothers to Massicotte, a mysterious high ranking civil servant, who seems to hold the last piece to the family’s cryptic puzzle.


  • Lothaire Bluteau             
  • Kristin Scott Thomas      
  • Patrick Goyette 
  • Jean-Louis Millette
  • Ron Burrage      
  • Richard Fréchette           
  • François Papineau          
  • Marie Gignac
  • Normand Daneau
  • Anne-Marie Cadieux
  • Suzanne Clément
  • Lynda Lepage-Beaulieu


  • Feature Film


Afficher les détails
  • Line producer

    Daniel Louis

  • Director

    Robert Lepage

  • Screenwriter

    Louis-Philippe Rochon

  • Screenwriter consultants

    Robert Lepage

  • Director of photography

    Marc Boudreau

    Jane Wittekind

  • Art director

    Alain Dostie

  • Casting

    François Laplante

  • Assistant director

    Lucie Robitaille

  • Production manager

    Muriel Lizé

  • Production manager (france)

    Brigitte Faure

  • Sound

    Jean-Claude Laureux

  • Mix

    Hans Peter Strobl

  • Sound editing

    Nick Berry