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Honey, I'm in Love

A successful physician who leads "a life defined by medical procedure", is about to leave his family. Jean-Paul has been seeing Nathalie. He finally leaves the bosom of his family for the brushes, oils and body of his mistress. The reactions to his departure from his ex and their two children seriously impair any attempt to revel in the joys of his newfound freedom. Stressed out, indecisive, in love and "harassed by his loved ones" he decides to take on the impossible: namely, make a success of his new relationship with Nathalie all in keeping his "abandoned family" happy!


  • Feature Film


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  • Director

    Claude Meunier

  • Screenwriter

    Claude Meunier

  • Director of photography

    Bruce Chun

  • Art director

    Emmanuel Fréchette

  • Associate producers

    Claude Meunier

    Marie-Claude Goodwin