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An Eye for Beauty

Luc, a talented young architect, lives a peaceful life with his wife Stephanie in the stunning area of Charlevoix. Beautiful house, pretty wife, dinner with friends, golf, tennis, hunting... a perfect life, one might say! One day, he accepts to be a member of an architectural jury in Toronto. There, he meets Lindsay, a mysterious woman who will turn his life upside down.


102 min


  • Feature Film


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  • Directed by

    Denys Arcand

  • Screenwriter

    Denys Arcand

  • Director of photography

    Nathalie Moliavko-Visotzky

  • Art director

    Patrice Bengle

  • Costumes

    Marie-Chantale Vaillancourt

  • Editor

    Isabelle Dedieu

  • Music

    Pierre-Philippe Côté