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Real Lies

Marco Valois wants to direct a movie based on the true life-story of a soldier. When he meets Eric Lebel, a charismatic and slightly distressed young veteran, he realizes that Eric’s life is quite boring and not movie material. Marco decides to drive Eric to his hometown to help him reconcile with his ex and his parents, a kind gesture… that could greatly improve the ending of his movie! The two embark on a funny and touching adventure that will change their lives.


104 min


  • Feature Film


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  • Director

    Émile Gaudreault

  • Screenwriters

    Émile Gaudreault

    Pierre-Michel Tremblay

  • Director of photography

    Bernard Couture

  • Art director

    David Pelletier

  • Costumes

    Ginette Magny

  • Music

    FM LeSieur

  • Sound

    Claude La Haye

    Bernard Gariépy Strobl

  • Editor

    Jean-François Bergeron