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The Rocket

All that matters to Maurice is playing hockey. After spending his days laboring at the factory, he throws himself body and soul onto the ice, to pursue his dream. More than his talent and ability, it is his burning passion that will make him a legend. Dick Irvin, Coach of the Canadiens, knows how to fuel his profound obsession to win and pushes Maurice to become a scoring machine. Throughout the seasons, Maurice Richard will break numerous records. Each one of his exploits will resonate in the hearts and souls of French Canadians as a victory against the oppressor; revenge against all of those who try to keep one of their own from rising to the top. He has become an inspiration to a whole nation.


124 min


  • Feature Film


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  • Associate producers

    Guy Gagnon

    Patrick Roy

  • Director

    Charles Binamé

  • Screenwriter

    Kent Scott

  • Director of photography

    Pierre Gill

  • Art director

    Michel Proulx

  • Casting

    Lucie Robitaille

  • Casting & hockey choreography

    Martin Lacroix

  • Costumes

    Francesca Chamberland

  • Sound

    Claude Hazanavicius

    Claude Beaugrand

    Luc Boudrias

    Bernard Gariépy Strobl

  • Editor

    Michel Arcand

  • Music

    Michel Cusson