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Surviving Progress

Every time history repeats itself the price goes upSURVIVING PROGRESS presents the story of human advancement as awe-inspiring and double-edged. It reveals the grave risk of running our 21st century software – our know-how – on the ancient hardware of our primate brain which hasn’t been upgraded in 50,000 years. With rich imagery and immersive soundtrack, filmmakers Mathieu Roy and Harold Crooks launch us on a journey to contemplate our evolution from cave-dwellers to space explorers.


86 min


  • Documentary


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  • Executive producers

    Martin Scorsese

    Emma Tillinger Koskoff

  • Executive producers | big media picture corporation

    Mark Achbar

    Betsy Carson

  • Executive producer | nfb

    Silva Basmajian

  • Producer | nfb

    Gerry Flahive

  • A film by

    Mathieu Roy & Harold Crooks

  • Director

    Mathieu Roy

  • Co-director

    Harold Crooks

  • Written by

    Harold Crooks & Mathieu Roy

  • Inspired by the book

  • _a short history of progress_ by ronald wright