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Quebec Under the Influence

After his film Thieves of Innocence, Paul Arcand is back with a new film: Quebec Under the Influence. Why? Because Quebeckers love pills. They swallow an average of 750 a year. Why do they take so many? Why do they open their mouths to swallow pills without asking any questions, without knowing why? Who is responsible for the dramatic increase of medications sales and prescriptions? Quebec Under the Influence helps clarify why there are patients who need pills and pills that need patients. Quebec Under the Influence, a prescription for a sick society.


90 min


  • Documentary


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  • Associate producers

    Paul Arcand

    Daniel Louis

  • Director

    Paul Arcand

  • Screenwriter

    Paul Arcand

  • Directors of photography

    Jean-Pierre St-Louis

    Laurent Beauchemin

    François Vincelette