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La théorie du K.O. season 1

Carl Hebert is a young and recently widowed father trying to find equilibrium in his life. But raising two children on his own-- a disobedient daughter whose skirts are shorter than her attention span, and a son who is gifted and artistic-- is enough to throw anyone off kilter. Add to this a lack of income and a grandfather, Carol, a failed military type who believes he is the family’s General, and you have the perfect recipe for a down and out knockout. But what if Carl worked out the kinks in his life in a wrestling ring? Wrestlers trade more than just blows and it could help refill his empty wallet. With the not always judicious advice of his new wrestler friends -- Christian, the nasty good guy, Eddie, the tender bad guy, and Guy, his quick talking philosopher-promoter-- Carl Hebert attempts to find meaning in his new life. “La théorie du K.O.” is 12 half-hours of biting and delicious comedy, where we follow Carl and his tempestuous quest for balance.


1 season, 12 episodes


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  • Executive producers

    André Larin

    Michel Bissonnette

    Vincent Leduc

    Brigitte Lemonde

  • Director

    Stéphane Lapointe

  • Writer

    Martin Forget

  • Screenwriting advisor

    René Brisebois

  • Director of photography

    Mathieu Laverdière

  • Costumes

    Carmen Alie

  • Associate producer

    Louise Gendron

  • Delegate producer

    Catherine Faucher


1 season, 12 episodes, 2014 - 2014

  • 2014 - version originale française - 12 épisodes