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The Small World of Laura Cadieux - season 2

Based on the characters from the book « C’t’à ton tour Laura Cadieux » by Michel Tremblay. Explore once again the universe of these charming women and their concerns, problems, small joys and great happiness. Laura and her friends take back to Canada Ms. Brouillette’s luxury car as she married a rich American. Ms. Gladu and the Italian neighbor take the girls off the beaten tracks for a good cause. Ms. Thibodeau forgets quickly the death of her husband. Pit’s sister and her husband Christopher visit the Cadieux family, while Laura’s friends accuse each other of stealing. The Stepmother wants to move into a foster home and we discover who suffers of kleptomania. Pit wants to quit smoking with the help of an acupuncturist. Lucille and Bébert convince Laura and Pit to follow them in a swingers club. Ms. Therrien finds a boyfriend and catches up on lost time. Ms. Brouillette comes back disappointed because her rich American has dropped her. Laura is tired of her stepmother and takes drastic measures.


1 season, 10 episodes


  • TV Shows


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  • Executive producer

    Denise Robert

  • Director

    Denise Filiatrault

  • Screenwriter

    Denise Filiatrault

  • Director of photography

    Philippe Lavalette

  • Art director

    Louise-Marie Beauchamp


1 season, 10 episodes, 2005 - 2005

  • Canada - 2005 - version originale française - 10 épisodes