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The Small World of Laura Cadieux - season 3

Based on the characters from the book « C’t’à ton tour Laura Cadieux » by Michel Tremblay. Explore once again the universe of these charming women and their concerns, problems, small joys and great happiness. While Ms. Therrien decides to become a nun, Laura, too busy with her work as an estate agent, rejects her husband. Alice and Vovonne convince Laura to buy a triplex together. A French gentleman, Mr. de Châteauvert, takes place in the third floor of the building and reserves a surprise. The stepmother loses her head and Pit, lonely, takes comfort in the arms of one of Laura’s friends. Angry and unable to forgive him, Laura will take a big decision. Meanwhile, Le P'tit lives with the girls. Ms. Therrien decides to also become an estate agent and Christopher pays an unannounced visit to the stepmother. Alice finds love, but will Laura and Pit make up?


  • Lise Dion                                                                  
  • Véronique Le Flaguais                                             
  • Danièle Lorain                                                         
  • Sonia Vachon                                                           
  • Adèle Reinhardt                                   
  • Mireille Thibault                                                      
  • Denise Dubois                                                          
  • Pierrette Robitaille                                                   
  • Claudine Paquette                                                    
  • Jean-Guy Bouchard                                                  
  • Samuel Landry                                                         
  • Martin Drainville                                                     
  • Cédric Noël                                                              
  • Mathieu Lorain-Dignard                                          
  • Paul Cagelet                                                             
  • Christopher Hall                                                       
  • Nathalie Simard                                                       
  • André Montmorency                                    
  • Jacques Lavallée                                          
  • Jean Guy        


1 season, 10 episodes


  • TV Shows


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  • Executive producer

    Denise Robert

  • Director

    Denise Filiatrault

  • Screenwriter

    Denise Filiatrault

  • Director of photography

    Philippe Lavalette

  • Art director

    Louise-Marie Beauchamp


1 season, 10 episodes, 2006 - 2006

  • Canada - 2006 - version originale française - 10 episodes