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Double Sentence

Many women around the world who are in prison are mothers. The imprisonment of these women can leave their young children deprived of the comfort of family structure and values. They often become victims of the system. What is the fate of these children ? Various organizations try to give them some stability, food, education and healthy contact with their mother. But is it enough?


  • Documentary


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  • Executive producer

    Sarah Born

  • Director

    Léa Pool

  • Original idea and screenplay

    Léa Pool

  • Researcher

    Pascale Bilodeau

  • Researcher & assistant director

    Manuela Ruggeri

  • Directors of photography

    Denis Jutzeler

    Daniel Jobin

  • Editor

    Dominique Fortin

  • Original score

    Michel Vaid

  • Sound editing

    Jacques Kieffer

  • Re-recording

    Florian Eidenbenz

  • Sound

    Henri Maikoff

    Thierry Morlass-Lurbe

    Yann Cleary

  • Associate producer

    Pascale Bilodeau

  • Production managers

    Manuela Ruggeri

    Stéphane Jacques

  • Post-production supervisors

    Georges Jardon

    Claudia Lehmann